Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil

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A rich green olive oil with a fragrant aroma, Vioni organic olive oil is a robust, rich-tasting oil ideal for cooking, dressing, and marinades. Made from organic ripe Spanish olives, this versatile oil is the perfect complement to your cooking.

Vioni organic olive oil is produced by cold-pressing the olives immediately after picking. This process helps prevent the loss of antioxidants, but also creates an oil that has a fresh, bright, and peppery taste with hints of almond, olive leaves, and freshly cut grass. Vioni olive oil is light and not overpowering with a smooth flavour.

Bottled in dark glass to preserve its optimal freshness.

The finest Quality

You will taste the difference with Vioni Sesame oil, and feel better knowing that it is made with the highest quality seeds fresh in our mill in Squamish, British Columbia.

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Certified Organic
Locally Produced